Monday, March 17, 2008

Absolute Encoder Servo Controls with BiSS Technology

Industrial Encoder Corporation has introduced their line of Absolute Encoders equipped with BiSS Interface options which allow the company to address the Servo Motor Control Markets with Absolute Encoders. BiSS is an open architecture and allows the customer to avoid the "locked in" experience with suppliers of proprietary or closed systems.

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BiSS Technology Encoders

From Industrial Encoder Corporation

March 7, 2008

Industrial Encoder Corporation (IEC) has extended the features of its Absolute Encoder line to include precision servo motor absolute position and speed feedback in industrial control and hazardous duty applications. These encoders include encoder disks that cannot be broken, modern Opto-ASIC design, and rugged machined housings and covers.

For Single Turn Absolute Encoders, the standard resolution is 12 bits with an option to increase resolution to 16-21 bits. In addition, an analog sine/cosine signal is available with 2048 counts per turn resolution.

For Multi-Turn Absolute Encoders, the standard resolution is 24 bits (12 bits single turn with 4096 revolutions) and an option to increase resolution to 25-28 bits. The Multi-turn is also available with analog sine/cosine signals of 2048 counts per turn resolution.

The interface for servo motor control is derived with the use of BiSS technology. IEC selected BiSS, an open interface protocol, to provide the flexibility to satisfy the requirements of multiple customers and to provide a highly reliable solution to the industry.

This servomotor control solution is available in Solid Shaft and Hollow Shaft absolute encoders, and with IP66 and Explosion Proof ratings. List prices start at under $300 and depend upon options selected and quantity used.

IEC’s products have been proven and used extensively in Robots, Cranes, Forestry, Oil and Gas, Machining, Elevator, Factory Automation and Food Processing, and Energy Production applications. IEC is certified to certain UL standards and for Explosion Proof requirements.

For more information regarding a specific application or the IEC competitive advantages, please contact either Tony Petrecca at 888-277-6205, or or Jon Gum, Motion Control Research, at 435-627-1086, or


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